Inglorious Moonshot

[subtitle]: Exchanging terrestrial honor for lunar infamy.

A great shot of an eminently poor shot.

 Chelsea   0   0   Liverpool  

AET (Liverpool win 11-10 on penalties)

 Wembley Stadium, London 

Chelsea versus Liverpool. League (Carabao!) Cup Final 2022. A match played on February 27th at 4:30pm local (UK) time and 8:30am Pacific (a.k.a. our local) time.

But the real Cup drama started the night before the first kick.

[chat]  GoGo, USA!
[ pod]  there is no pod… Dave in Costa Rica Seattle
[chat]  ArsenalByBirth
[ pod]  there is no pod… Producer Ken

[chat]  VAR Czar
[ pod]  the pod killer… Mark in Portland

Note: timestamps correspond to chat messages, in local (Pacific) time.

[ Feb 26, 2022 ]

I won't be watching the Cup Final tomorrow.  But I look forward to Mark's commentary.
I will be re-streaming it later in the  day. Coincidentally, just like the 2019 League Cup final, I am scheduled to serve at my church tomorrow morning on the A/V team. Hopefully, Kepa won’t ruin things this time.


| Hopefully, Kepa won’t ruin things this time.
The (not so innocent) joke that tempted fate… and lost.

RESUME CHAT… (whilst skipping some mid-match chatter)

[ Feb 27, 2022 ]

Haters of football (world style) need watch these 75 minutes and try to claim that scoreless football is devoid of action and entertainment. Classic nil-nil high action!


[ Feb 28, 2022 ]

I never resumed the match after getting the kids to bed. Too tired. I fell asleep.
I made it to second half stoppage time. I think there was a minimum of 6 minutes, and I was in minute 2.

There’s been podcasts made about this before mark finished
👍 GoGo, USA!
What do you THINK is going to happen in the rest of the match?

I’m watching now. Lukaku had a nice deflected shot (steering in an Alonso cross from an extreme angle) that was saved during stoppage.
I think it’s going to penalties. 0-0. Chelsea win 9-8.

Just finished. Hands on my head. Wow. Unbelievable.
When it was 8-8 and the Liverpool teenager came up to take a kick, I thought I had called it perfectly. He misses and next Chelsea taker makes it for 9-8. Didn’t happen.

I was worried when Kepa stood so close to the ball. Short run ups seem best reserved for experienced outfield players. Total blast into the stands. No chance. Ugh.

I've never seen that before at any level... PKs that reach the keepers.


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